Friday, July 5, 2013

And Still We Soldier On...

Starting Pokemon:
Izze the Charizard
Claire the Pidgeotto
Sykes the Jolteon
Nessa the Lapras
Lump the Snorlax

My graveyard (R.I.P.):
Blossom the Vileplume
Doug the Dugtrio
Kingsly the Butterfree
Allie the Mankey

Week 40:

I decide that I might need to take Katie along with me in the future, and it'll be too dangerous to take her around as a Lv10 Meowth. I don't want to have to fight with her, I think of her as more of a pet, but for her own safety I left her with the DayCare outside of Cerulean to let her toughen up a bit before taking her along with us.

We're not about to leave something unfinished, so I had a long talk with Izze and the team and explained to them that we were gonna find out the source of the PowerPlant's mishaps. We owed Allie that much. 

I ask Sykes to roam the halls with me this time. His Electric type should help in preventing any serious upsets, but I equipped a Cleanse Tag to him just for good measure. 

So… Um. Let's see. How do I put this.


This is what happens when you kill Snuffleupagus.
The Pokedex tells me this monstrosity is called a "Zapdos," but I'm gonna stick with Electric Monsterbird. Thankfully, Sykes's Thunderbolt paralyzes the beast for five solid turns while electrifying its brains out. 

The feeling of vengeance is hollow. While nothing can truly bring Allie back, at least this small victory makes her death feel slightly less in vain. 

Cerulean, your days of rolling blackouts are over!

Week 41:

With Cerulean saved (and Misty owing me a HUGE favor), I head out for a final home-cooked meal in Pallet before beginning my journey south to Cinnabar Island and my 7th badge. I'm two away from being eligible for the Pokemon League and I can tell my team is right there with me.

I stop by Viridian on the way home to check on the closed gym. Hm. Still no sign of its leader or junior trainers. I hope they turn up soon. It's been almost a year since I was last in Viridian and they're still short one Gym Leader.

As I'm heading out for Cinnibar, Oak asks me if I'd like to check in on the Pokemon I captured while in the Safari Zone. 

I had COMPLETELY forgotten about this. I asked him how my Goldeen and Nidorina were doing and he said quite wonderfully. Without hesitation, I snatched up the Nidorina and added her to the squad. Welcome aboard, Freddie!

Also, here is a Moon Stone. Hold it. Cool.

Mercury rising!

Introducing… FREDDIE the NIDOQUEEN! This team feels a little more well rounded, now.

Week 42:

Caught a Tangela just south of Pallet. Named her FSM and sent her to the box.

We just landed in Cinnabar, healed up, and went off in exploration of the Pokemon Mansion. This abandoned building is pretty spooky. The wild Koffings floating about have a tendency to Selfdestruct, so I'm making liberal use of these Max Repels I purchased. No point in risking anything.

Week 43:

Well we found the Secret Key inside the Pokemon Mansion to unlock the doors to the Cinnibar Gym. Made quick work of the Junior Trainers, even though we didn't have to technically fight. Blaine's got all the doors in his gym rigged to these massive machines whose only purpose is to ask a true/false question that wouldn't be difficult for my Lv 5 Rattata to answer (no offense, Teeth).

Either way, I decide against challenging Blaine for the moment and head out, instead, to the Seafoam Islands for a little last-minute training. The currents here seem too fast to Surf, so we'll have to find another way around. Caught a Golduck that tried to sneak up on us. Named him Daffy and sent him off to the PC.

I found enough boulders to shove into the river to stop the currents for the time being. Lump didn't seem to pleased with the menial task, but I threw him half a sandwich and he was immediately happy again.

We followed the freezing cold river to its source, and saw a massive, beautiful, creature sleeping atop a little hill. The Pokedex says she is Articuno, a legendary bird of incredible power.

I… beg to differ. She certainly didn't put up much of a fight. Izze took her down in two moves and that was that. 

Week 44:

With our training out of the way, it was time to challenge Blaine

--Cinnibar Island--
Blaine and the Volcano Badge

Freddie was out first. Time to earn your keep, girl. Between her one-two punch of Dig and Surf, along with her natural resistance to Fire, I was certain she would prove too much for Blaine. She easily dispatched of his first three Pokemon before her health dipped below 50%. Blaine wasn't screwing around anymore. He sent out a very high-level Arcanine and I switched to Lump.

Lump fought though five consecutive Fire Blasts before the Arcanine ran out of PP. From then on, Lump continued to heal by eating his Leftovers as the Arcanine saw its health slip and slip from the Take Down move it was left with.

After a few turns and a well-placed Strength, the Arcanine fainted and we were presented with the Volcano Badge. 

Hm? No, man, Ash is fine. He's off in the White Ruins somewhere.
We barely had time to celebrate, however, because Bill bumped into us and whisked us off to help him do a Geek Squad install on some island to the south of Kanto. He got tied up with the install and sent us to run some errands for him. Joy. 

Oh well. Maybe it'll good to rest up before our 8th and final gym.

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